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This form is for agents licensed in the State of Minnesota who wish to register as a producer for the Minnesota FAIR Plan

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The mission of the Minnesota FAIR Plan is to provide basic and affordable property insurance to applicants in without regard to environmental hazards, providing the property is reasonably maintained. It is understood that applicants, as well as policyholders, are encouraged to secure insurance through a producer in the standard market place before application to the FAIR Plan.

It is expected that this service provided and the coverage extended by the FAIR Plan will be comparable with the service and basic coverage available in the standard market place.

The FAIR Plan also is expected to educate the public on the availability of the FAIR Plan, to encourage the revitalization of urban neighborhoods and to participate in appropriate programs to reduce the incidence of loss, particularly programs affecting insurance fraud and arson.

Attention Agents

If you have previously written a policy through the Minnesota FAIR Plan and have registered as a producer, it is not necessary to register again on this system. Each Agency has been assigned a User Id, which is your agency Agency Code, and a temporary password, which will then prompt you to create a new password. You were sent an email with the temporary password, but if you need assistance please contact our office at 612-338-7584 or 1-800-524-1640

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